Hurt: the inspiring, untold story of trauma care

Hurt: the inspiring, untold story of trauma care

Told through the eye of a surgeon who has flown on rescue helicopters, resuscitated patients in trauma centers in Houston and Chicago, and operated on hundreds of trauma victims of all ages, HURT takes us on a tour of the advancements in injury treatment from the battlefields of the Civil War to the state-of-the-art trauma centers of today.

"Musemeche's fast-paced medical history mixes the gritty reality of treating life-threatening injuries—including her own heart-pounding experiences as surgeon—with an unfettered optimism about what trauma care can now promise: an assurance that most people will survive even a devastating injury." —Publishers Weekly

"Hurt is a fascinating journey through the history of trauma care in this country. Musemeche's unique ability to weave moving, personal stories with intriguing facts takes this book well beyond a great read. It is an education in the human spirit." —Paul Ruggieri, MD, author of Confessions of a Surgeon and The Cost of Cutting

"This is an amazing book--absolutely spellbinding, from a powerful writer. Dr. Musemeche has done a super job." -Sue Baker MPH, Professor Emeritus, Health Policy and Management, Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Prevention and Policy

"HURT is as educational as it is intriguing. It will entice you with the macabre and then take you back to school." -Mike Rubin, EMS World

"Like an expert translator who makes a work of literature accessible to people who don't speak its language, Dr. Musemeche provides us all with a vivid view into the fascinating history of treating the injured." -R. Lawrence Moss, MD, Surgeon-in-Chief, Nationwide Children's Hospital

Hurt is available at Amazon or Barnes & Noble, BookPeople, and IndieBound.

SMALL - Life and Death on the Front Lines of Pediatric Surgery by Catherine Musemeche, M.D.

SMALL: Life and Death on the Front Lines of Pediatric Surgery

Literate, moving, and illuminating, SMALL is a first of its kind look inside the world of a pediatric surgeon.

SMALL won the Writer's League of Texas 2015 Nonfiction Discovery Award and is a PEN American/E.O. Wilson Literary Science Award Nominee. Read an excerpt from the first chapter of SMALL.

SMALL is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or IndieBound.

"Between the delicate surgeries on tiny patients, brilliant history lessons, and the obvious passion of the author for her work, SMALL is a huge achievment."
Daniel Menaker, author of the The Treatment, a novel, and My Mistake: A Memoir
"Dr. Musemeche has woven together history, personal narrative, and surgical anatomy with the deftness of a master of craft."
Katrina Firlik, MD, author of Another Day in the Frontal Lobe: A Brain Surgeon Exposes Life on the Inside
"Pediatric surgeons have long been unappreciated, but Kate Musemeche, in her book, SMALL, reveals in vivid, intimate detail, the intensity and the excruciating focus that is required to do their painstaking work."
Lee Gutkind, Editor, Creative Nonfiction, Author of One Children's Place: Inside a Children's Hospital
"Operating on infants is not as simple as learning how to sew in minature," explains Musemeche in this fascinating, frequently hair-raising account of the state of pediatric surgery. Musemeche has been working in the field for three decades and writes with the kind of drama that feels as visceral as viewing a documentary."
Julia McKinnell, Maclean's